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Initially, Jamil Sahouri & Bros. Co. was started as an importer of plastic house-ware products. In 1978, a manufacturing facility was launched and consisted of 3 Plastic injection machines, a few simple molds and ten factory employees. Over the 5 years that followed, more house-ware items were added to the products' line, as well as a new full line of Indoor and outdoor planters. In 1990, due to the high cost of wooden and metal furniture, the company began to produce less expensive, yet more durable plastic furniture which does not require any maintenance. Hence a large variety of indoor and outdoor furniture were added to our production line. Around the end of the nineties, our furniture line consisted of at least 40 styles of chairs and tables to meet every taste and environment, all of which were marketed under the Trade name "Samba". As time progressed, our production expanded into manufacturing other household ‘market demanded’ and much needed products such as Shelves, Closets,
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Contact Us
Al-Mouqablein - 10 Aisha Taimourieh St.
Jamil Sahouri & Bros Co. LLC.
phone number : +962 6 4202143 , +962 6 4202144
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